Special Dessert



Nutella-Milk Chocolate Bombe - 2 layers, top layer of dark flourless chocolate cake and bottom layer of milk chocolate-hazelnut ganache, glazed in chocolate, and served with Donatella Gelato (chocolate-hazelnut)


Filet Mignon


We are known for our fresh seafood but take a look at our quality of beef. We buy top 12% quality level, most steak restaurants don't purchase this high level.

Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate-Hazelnut Crunch 'Bombe'


One of tonights dessert special - Dark chocolate & white chocolate-hazelnut crunch Bombe served with creamy hazelnut gelato.

Gourmet Ramen


Made fresh Ramen noodles today, they came out pretty good considering I didnt have the correct Alkali salts, thank God for baking soda :) , after simmering the noodles, we added them to a rich chicken, veal and smokey pork broth with shaved Ribeye, ginger, cabbage, pickled shiitake mushroom, Kombu, soft egg and sugar cane skewer shrimp.

Colorado Rack Of Lamb

Just marinated 16 Whole racks of Colorado lamb, great fat marbeling! Marinated with extra virgin olive oil, grain mustard, rosemary, toasted fennel, coriander, black pepper and Port wine.