Buffet Menu


*pricing does not include tax or service gratuity*


Min of 50 people, includes house salad, rolls, chef’s vegetable and soft beverage


1)    Beef & Pork Burgonion - Braised in red wine veal sauce with mushrooms.

2)    Lemon-Rosemary Roasted Chicken

3)    Caribbean Bronzed Salmon

4)    Tuscany Chicken Penne Pasta - Chicken tossed with roasted artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, pine nuts, fresh basil and light chicken glace finished with crumbled feta.



1)    Roasted garlic mashed potatoes

2)    Black beans and rice

3)    Herb Roasted red bliss potatoes

4)    Pasta Alfredo


Caesar Salad                       $2.00pp

Bistro or Spinach Salad   $3.00pp

Add an additional side    $3.00pp



*pricing does not include tax or service gratuity*

Min of 50 people includes house salad, chef’s vegetable, rolls and soft beverage.


1)    Prime Rib Of Beef

2)    Slow Roasted Pork Loin

3)    Pineapple-Honey Pit Ham


1)    Shrimp Scampi - Fresh shrimp sautéed in garlic, white wine & fresh herb butter.

2)    Lemon-Rosemary Chicken

3)    Caribbean Bronzed Salmon

4)    Flounder ‘Rockefeller’- Fresh Flounder topped with our creamy spinach, smoked bacon, fennel, celery, green onion & smoked Gouda cheese stuffing.

5)    Beef & Pork Burgonion


1)    Roasted Fingerling potatoes

2)    Black beans & rice

3)    Pasta Alfredo

4)    Pasta Marinara

5)    Creamy garlic mashed potatoes


Caesar Salad                       $2.00pp

Bistro or Spinach Salad   $3.00pp

Add an additional side    $3.00pp


Cold Appetizers & Platters

Fruit & Cheese Platter - Sliced tropical fruits, berries & Artisan cheeses. $2.00 per person min $60

Shrimp Cocktail - $1.50 per piece

Shucked Louisiana Oysters on the half shell - with cocktail sauce, horseradish & crackers. $1.50ea

Smoked Salmon Platter - with traditional Gravlax garnished (egg, onion, capers) $4.75 per person

Black Truffle Deviled Eggs -$0.75ea

Hummus Plate - Fresh made Hummus served with crispy pita chips & mixed olives. $45.00 (serves 30-50)


Choose 3 for $10 per person

Spanakopita - Delicate Filo Dough Filled With Spin Ach, Feta Cheese And Seasonings.

Brie with Raspberry Encroute - Ripened Imported Brie Cheese, Raspberry Preserve, Folded Into A Buttery, Flaky Pastry Purse

Spring Rolls with Shrimp - shrimp, cabbage, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, water chestnut in wonton.

Spring Rolls with Vegetables - cabbage, carrots, celery & Oriental seasonings in wonton.

Wonton Wrapped Shrimp - sweet baby tail on shrimp wrapped in crispy egg roll skin.

Artichoke Hearts stuffed With Goat Cheese - Half an Artichoke Heart with a Goat Cheese Mousse, Dipped in Batter, Then Rolled in a Parmesan Breading.

Mini Quiche - Pastry shell filled with bacon, Swiss cheese, chives and egg custard.

Coconut Chicken Strips - Chicken fillets dipped in Pina Colada batter and fresh coconut.

Coconut Lobster Skewers - Lobster dipped in Pina Colada batter and fresh coconut.

Mini Beef Wellingtons - Beef tenderloin tips topped with mushroom Duxelle and flaky pastry.

Peking Chicken Bites - Crispy chicken tossed in a sesame-General Tso’s sauce.


Dessert Options



$6 per person

Key Lime Pie                                              Chocolate Bread Pudding

$7 per person

Chocolate Mousse Torte                          Cheesecake Du Jour

Bringing a cake or any other dessert ($1 per person service fee)

Cocktail Service


Beer, Wine & Soda

House Draft Beer, House Wine and Soda

One hour- $7.95per person

Two Hours- $9.95 per person

Three Hours- $11.95 per person

Four Hours- $13.95 per person

Five Hours- $15.95 per person

Open Bar Per Hour

House Draft Beer, House Wine and Soda

                                    House Liquor           Call Liquor                Premium Liquor

One Hour                  $10.95pp                    $12.95pp                    $15.95pp

Two Hours                $12.95pp                    $14.95pp                    $17.95pp

Three Hours $14.95pp                    $16.95pp                    $19.95pp

Four Hours               $16.95pp                    $18.95pp                    $21.95pp

Five Hours                $18.95pp                    $20.95pp                    $23.95pp

*Rumrunners has a no shot policy with open bar packages*


Bar Upgrades

                   Bottled Beer                                     $4.00 per person

Premium Bottled Beer           $5.00 per person

Premium Draft Beer                       $2.00 per person

Ultra-Premium Draft Beer             $3.00 per person

Consumption Based and Cash Bar Pricing Available Upon Request

All satellite and cash bars have a $75.00 bartender fee


Champagne Toast- $4.00 per person

Sparkling Grape Juice Toast- $2.00 per person

Bloody Mary Bar

$4.00 per person per hour

Liquor/Beer/Wine Listings

Vodka                                                                                                   House Draft Beer

House:                  Crystal Palace                                                    Budweiser

Call:                        Smirnoff                                                              Budweiser Light

Premium:            Kettle One                                                          Coors Light

Gin                                                                                                         Premium Draft Beer

House:                  Crystal Palace                                                    Stella Artois

Call:                        Bombay                                                               Shock Top

Premium:            Beefeater                                                           Yuengling Lager


House:                  Ron Carlos                                           Ultra-Premium Draft Beer

Call:                        Captain Morgan

Premium:            Bacardi                                                                 Guinness

Bass Ale

Whiskey                                                                                                              Black & Tan

House:                  Old Thompson

Call:                        Seagram’s VO

Premium:            Canadian Club                                   House Bottled Beer


Bourbon                                                                                                              Budweiser Light

House:                  Kentucky Tavern                                              Bud Select 55

Call:                        Jim Beam                                                             Bud Light Lime

Premium:            Wild Turkey                                                        Coors Light

MGD 64

Scotch                                                                                                                   Michelob Ultra

House:                  Inverhouse                                                         Miller Light

Call:                        J&B                                                                        N/A O’Doul’s Amber

Premium:            Dewars                                                                 N/A Buckler

Tequila                                                                                                 Premium Bottled Beer

House:                  Juarez                                                                   Amstel Light

Call:                        Margaritaville                                                    Banks

Premium:            Cuervo Gold                                                       Becks


House Wine                                                                                                      Corona Light

White:                                                                                                                  Heineken

Mars & Venus Chardonnay, CA                                                  Heineken Light

La Fiera Pinot Grigio, Italy                                                             Jai Alai

Snoqualmie Riesling, Columbia Valley                                     Maduro Brown


St. Kilda Shiraz, Australia

Flip Flop Cabernet, CA

Mars & Venus Merlot, CA

Menage a Trois Red, CA

Contact Guidelines:

  1. Room Charges will apply for meetings, minimum food service or minimum numbers of customers per room. Room charges may also apply November 15 through Mother’s Day.

  1. A non-refundable deposit of $100 per room is required.

  1. We will be glad to give you a no obligation estimate based on your menu choices and services you require. If you wish to book the date simply sign the contract and turn in a deposit.  We will not honor an unsigned contract or reserve a date without a deposit.  Our policies allow plenty of time to make adjustments of menus or guest count once a date has been reserved, but we do require a deposit to hold the date.

  1. In order to secure the specific time & date of your event a non-refundable deposit of 20% is required at signing of this contract.  Once we take your deposit we may have to decline further business on that date so it is important that you make a firm decision to hire us before placing your deposit.

  1. Room will be available only one hour prior to function time booked (for decorating)

  1. Air conditioning or heat will be turned on one hour prior to function.

  1. Decorating: Centerpieces, balloons, etc., are fine to bring. Tape or tacks on walls are not permitted. There will be an extra clean-up fee of $50 for excessive paper or confetti left in room.

  1. Menu selection should be decided 10 days in advance.

  1. A final guest count must be secured at least 4 days before the date of the event. Changes will be accepted after your deadline date only if the guest count increases.  If the guest count increases you will be billed for any additional food ordered.  If you are planning a last minute event we will help you to the best of our ability, but there may be some foods and services that we will be unable to provide on short notice.

  1. Final payment for all buffet items will be due in full two days prior to event date.

  1. Any changes made to this contract will require new signatures from the Guarantor.

Signature of Guarantor                                                                                                 Date:                                    

Rumrunners Management                                                                                          Date: